We’ve all read the blogs, looked at Pinterest, watched the videos, etc. on the best ways to declutter your home and the importance of it. Today, I don’t want to talk about decluttering your physical space, I want to talk about the other ways you can declutter things in your life that may be overlooked.

Declutter your apps.

We all have apps on our phone we do not use. If you have an app you haven’t opened in months, I think it’s time to delete it. You can always re-download later if you find that you do in fact want to still use it. You can organize your apps into folders, by color, by most used, etc.- whatever works best for you! But, you don’t need 8 pages of apps. And if you do, you need to re-think other things in your life.

Declutter your contacts.

Go through all your phone contacts and delete any contact of anyone you haven’t been in contact with over the last year. You’ll find you have way more people in your phone than you actually communicate with. I have contacts from people in college I studied with, did one project in school with, was friends with in 7th grade, etc. It’s actually freeing to have less numbers in your phone.

Declutter your photos.

I am guilty of storing a million photos on my phone and not wanting to transfer to a hard drive because I want the easy access to them. But this is your sign to do so! Currently, I have 9,812 photos on my phone…. That’s actually a bit overwhelming. I can guarantee that a handful of those are duplicates. You know what it’s like to take pictures with kids, you take 30 and only 1 of them is where they’re both looking but you never went back and deleted the others. If you’re like me, you also have a handful of random memes you thought were funny or screenshots of things that you can now delete. It’s time consuming for sure, but it’ll be worth it.

Declutter your schedule.

You wouldn’t see freeing up your schedule as decluttering, but it is! Set aside time for a date night with your husband, time as a family, a free night, etc! This time of year, things can become very hectic and schedules can become jam packed. But just as you schedule events with people you love, schedule time off from anything! Your schedule doesn’t have to be full every night. I give you permission to say no. You’ll thank me later.

Declutter your pantry.

Now, I guess this kind of fits into the home category, but we all have those pantry items that have been in there for TOO LONG. Take a week and don’t buy any pantry goods; use what you have! Make it a game- what can you make using what you already have.

Declutter your mind.

By this I mean, don’t be on social media all the time. Don’t always have music playing. Don’t always have to be talking. Be okay with silence. Your mind doesn’t need to be fed other people’s words, pictures, & opinions 24/7.

This makes me feel freer even just typing it! What area are you going to tackle this week and declutter? I know you’ll be thankful you did it.

Tia Marie

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