Hey guys!!

Today, I have some exciting news! To catch up those who might not know, at the end of September, I launched a small business that sells clothes for adults & toddlers. It’s been so fun learning and growing in this business so far.


I just launched a new product that comes in two colors. This one is only available in adult sizes. There’s a more neutral one and a colored version. Before I show them to you and tell you how you can buy one, I want to tell you the why behind the saying on them. I want everything I create to be made with purpose & intention.

This newest collection is called, intentionally happy.

One of my favorite words is the word intentional. Most things in life take intention because they’re not going to come naturally. You have to work at it. If it’s a closer relationship to a friend or a loved one, going to the gym to get healthier, or wanting to read more books. They all take intention.

Now- intentionally happy. I love joy and smiling, so I knew I wanted a smiley face on the design. And in this day and age, it actually takes being intentional to be happy sometimes. When life is tough, being happy doesn’t always come easily.

INTENTIONALLY HAPPY- a concept I want to represent and see more people do. Will you join me in representing??

Now, let’s get to showing you the products! It’s two crewneck sweatshirts- white & light blue. The blue one is perfect for those of you who enjoy a bit of color in your wardrobe! The words are a lavender purple and the smiley face is a muted yellow! The white is for those of us who enjoy neutrals with the smiley & words in black.

If you would like to support my small business, which is in turn supporting my family, I would really appreciate it! Click here to find my Shopify account and follow me on Instagram @lany_jae for updates about new products and additional product photos.

Tia Marie

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