So, you want to become a plant mom/dad but don’t know what you need? Here are some basics to get you started. I’ll keep it super simple for you.

  • You need soil. Can’t pot a plant without it. Don’t get too caught up on the type of soil. Your average indoor plant will do just fine with this basic one.

  • You need a place to place your plant- a pot. Your plant needs to have the ability to drain so I always get pots with drainage holes. To pick the right pot, make sure there’s still 2″ of soil around the plant before you reach the edge of the pot to ensure the pot is not too crowded for your plant.

  • If your plant leaks, you’ll need a tray to catch the water. Thankfully, these are super inexpensive. You can buy individually at a plant nursery but buying them in bulk like this allows you to always have the right size when you upgrade pot sizes or get a new plant.

  • Plant stand for if you have a little kid or maybe an animal that gets into your plants. Not necessary.

  • Something to water with. You can use any old cup at home or you could get a mini inside watering can. It can be nice to have all plant stuff together and not mix kitchen & plant stuff.

  • A scoop for the dirt. You can use a large spoon or even a measuring cup, but it’s a good idea to have a scoop/mini shovel used only for dirt and plant things.

Now there are a lot of other things you can get for your plants, but I wanted to keep this as basic and simple as possible for you.

Let me know what plant questions you may have & I’m happy to help if I can. 🙂

Tia Marie

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