My family & I are moving!!

In October, we accepted jobs in Superior, Wisconsin and we begin in the New Year. Things just got solidified this week (Dec. 12th), so we now have less than 2.5 weeks to pack up our entire house to move 2.5 hours away. It’s so exciting but also kind of chaotic and stressful, especially since we have 2 little kids to pack up and entertain while we pack. #prayersappreciated

But, as I’ve begun packing, I’ve decided to share some tips I’m reminded of:

* If something is already stored in a basket/bin, keep it in that!! Don’t remove it to only put it back in the basket/bin when unpacking. Make things as easy for yourself when unpacking as possible.

* Declutter as you go! If you come across anything while packing that you want to get rid of or throw, don’t pack it!! Don’t tell yourself you’ll do it once you unpack… BECAUSE YOU PROBABLY WON’T! Been there done that.

* Take it one day and one box at a time. It can be stressful to think about everything that needs to be packed & cleaned before moving. You can only pack one box at a time, so don’t add unnecessary stress to yourself.

* If you keep things fairly tidy, clean, & organized all the time, packing will be much easier!!

* Ask for help!! If that’s with packing or watching your kids. People want to help you!

Excited to share more of our journey in Wisconsin with you!

Tia Marie

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