I can’t help but share the testament to how good God is. If you didn’t see my post on December 30th, we’re moving to Wisconsin for a job. Now, there are a lot of ways God has shown us this is His Plan for our family, but I won’t be getting into those things today.

Soo.. let’s back up a bit and get into it.

We’ve known since November that we would be starting our new jobs at the beginning of the New Year and would finish at our current jobs the first week of December, with a couple weeks in between there to pack up & recharge as a family, as well as celebrate Christmas.

We were in this limbo state. We were trying to use word of mouth to see if there was any interest in someone wanting to rent our house while also looking daily (multiple times) at what was available in the area to rent where we’re moving. But we really couldn’t figure out one without the other; they were dependent on each other.

*we’re looking to rent on both ends instead of sell/buy due to the market right now*

Well, one day we found out about a house for rent (not even posted on Zillow). It seemed to be everything we wanted. And since it was mid-December already, we thought, let’s pursue it. There were other people applying/wanting this property but we got it!!!

So, a move in date of January 1st. Now, we decided to seek out a Property Management Company (PMC) to find renters for our house since we had people interested but no takers and now it was crunch time.

In a matter of a week, my husband chatted with 4 different PMC and we finally decided on the best one for our family & this situation. On December 21st, they came out and we got the process started with looking at what our house can list for, details on the listing, etc. with the hopes of getting it listed before the New Year & then having to pay for both houses at once for 1 month (not ideal but not the end of the world) since February 1st would be a realistic move in for a renter for our house.

Later in the day on the 21st, Trevor sat down while I was getting ready to call and set up utilities for our new place (the renters advised calling 2 weeks out to make sure all is good to go when we move in). As he sat down to call them, he gets a call from our renters where we’ll be moving and he had some news…

He had another rental property with a February 1st move in. He said there were other people who have applied but he will give it to us if we want it. He said it’s in a quieter and safer neighborhood and since we’re pastors with young kids, he wants what’s best for us and thinks this could be it. The rent is pretty much the same and there were some things about the house that actually were better for us! (we found out a few days prior that the current house was in a bad area and used to have some *bad* things happening with the previous tenants).

We had someone tour it for us and they told us this house would be what they would choose over the other one if they had to choose for their family. So we switched to choosing this new place!

So…. now we won’t have to pay for 2 places in the month of January and won’t have to be rush packing now (the week of Christmas).


Like, seriously?!

God is so so good! He has the best plan for us and literally provided a place that is better than the original one at a better time. I wish I had the time or the mental capacity to share every detail with you about this situation but just know, GOD’S GOT YOU!

What do you need to trust God about?

Tia Marie

One response to “God is SO GOOD!!!”

  1. Mary Lubinski Avatar
    Mary Lubinski

    Great testimony!! God is truly so so so Good! And He’s not done yet. He’s got more in store for your family!


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