My husband is a huge reader. He even has a YouTube channel where he chats all things books (@Trevorreads). Check it out if you’re a book lover!

I am not as avid of a reader as he is, but this year (2022) I got into loving mystery novels!! I read a handful of them over the course of the year & it was so fun! My friend, Kat, and I would read a lot of the same ones and chat about them afterwards. Trevor & I also read a lot of the same ones so we could talk about what we thought would happen, the characters, the plot, etc. as we were reading.

But, there’s one book I read this year that TRUMPS the rest. And that is the book The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides.

We drove to Florida from Minnesota for a vacation in March and so we had a lot of driving. Trevor picked this book up and was raving to us all on the drive about how suspenseful and enjoyable this book was. He read it in 1.5 days I believe. He begged me to read it after. I was hesitant but eventually agreed to doing so.

And I read it in 3-4 days! (which is very fast for me; I typically read books kind of slowly) It kept me engaged from start to finish. AND THE ENDING OH MY GOODNESS!! It’s just one of those books that you cannot put down. After I finished the book, my dad and then my mom also proceeded to read it because it was just that good. And all four of us loved it!

I will not spoil anything in the book, so you just need to read it for yourself. But before you do, I need to make a couple things clear.

I do not condone everything in this book. There is a lot of swearing & some parts that show the true worldly nature of the characters.

As my husband put it, “It makes me want to be a better pastor.” After reading it, you realize how sad the people in the book are and how much they need Jesus. So, no I don’t agree with all the material in the book, but if a book leaves you wanting to make a difference in the world and you thoroughly enjoyed reading it, I think that’s a win.

Tia Marie

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  1. Mary Lubinski Avatar
    Mary Lubinski

    Tia, I love the way you express yourself. You’re such a special person!!


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