I feel like it’s become more trendy to thrift. And with inflation, it’s not a bad choice! I’ve enjoyed thrifting occasionally for a few years now but since becoming a mom, I thrift for my kids a couple times a month typically. I thoroughly enjoy it! It makes me super excited to find good deals on items that are normally out of budget.

But, thrifting can be overwhelming if you don’t have some type of game plan when entering the store.

If you’re wanting to get into thrifting but don’t know where to begin, here are some things to look for & think about in the process.

Know Who You’re Looking For

Are you looking for yourself? Your husband? Kids? This will impact where you go in a store- at least to start. Seems obvious but if you go in just to browse, you might become overwhelmed quickly.

Look In Every Part Of The Store

Now, after you’ve searched your designated spot, it doesn’t mean the search is over for what you’re looking for. Items typically don’t stay in designated spots in thrift store; it’s just what happens. You can find women’s clothing items on the antique shelf, shoved behind books, in between racks, on the ground, etc. You need to dig deep sometimes. But you have to be willing to spend some time doing so. Thrifting takes time.

Be Open To Try New Things

You’ll come across a LOT of items in a thrift store. A lot of super ugly things and a handful of items that make you think, “Could I pull this off?” It wouldn’t be something you’d originally gravitate to in your favorite store, but seeing it for a couple dollars makes you wonder if you should try it out. A lot of thrift stores have fitting rooms, so take the time to try items on! Or, if that store has a good return/exchange policy, buy it, try it on at home, and exchange/return if needed at a later date. You can do this with decor or toys as well. Bring it home, think about it, and then return/exchange a week or so later if you’ve realized you don’t love/need it.

Go In With Some Type Of Plan

Before I thrift, I like to take a minute or two to think about what I’m looking for or hoping for. Be detailed. You never know the unique things you might stumble across. Write them down if that helps. This will give you a good starting place and will help you feel less overwhelmed when inside surrounded by a million things.

For example, before thrifting for my kids, I like to examine what types of things they need- sizes, brands, upcoming season stuff, etc. This gives me an idea of where to start & then of course I think of more once I’m actually there.

Does this help? I hope so!

Here’s a video from a few months back where I share a thrift haul for kids’ stuff! Check it out!

Tia Marie

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