My son is 19 months old now!!! That’s kind of insane to me but besides the point for this post.

Today I would like to share some meal and snack ideas for moms out there needing some inspiration for their toddlers. 🙂

*Disclaimer: my son has no allergies, so no foods are really off limit for him at this point, so these recommendations will include foods with dairy, nuts, etc.

Before I get started, I want to tell you that as long as you are feeding your child and offering healthy things to them, don’t feel like you need these fancy meals all the time. You do not need to cut their foods into special shapes and spend a lengthy amount of time prepping their meals. Pinterest can make moms feel like they’re not doing a good job if they make pancakes not in fun characters, etc. But that’s not true!

There will be times you prepare a really nice meal for them and they decide to only eat the ketchup or for a snack only desire a spoonful of peanut butter (real life examples lol). Just do your best! That’s all your toddler needs.

Meal Ideas


-yogurt w/fruit

-toast with almond or peanut butter




-smoothie/protein shake


My son eats whatever we’re eating for lunch & dinner (unless it’s tricky like salad or soup). Here are a few things he really loves and eats well.

-chipotle type bowls (meat, cheese, sour cream, beans, rice)… good way to add veggies in a meal



-anything chicken and ketchup

-mini charcuterie boards (meat, cheese, crackers, fruit)

Snack Ideas

My son typically gets 2-4 snacks a day (he’s a classic boy and wants to eat endlessly).


-cheese stick

-granola bars



-rice cakes

Find things your toddler likes and then find variations of that meal to offer. My son loves all things meat, cheese, & fruit so we do a lot of things like that! ❤

Tia Marie

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