Every once in a while, I love doing a post where I share my most recent purchases on Amazon because so many times, that’s how we can learn about something we need and have been searching for. And hearing someone say they use something and like it, helps us feel better about making the purchase ourselves. I’ll leave links on all the items in case you’d like to check it anything our for yourself!

Before we get started, I am a mom of two young kids and we are also in transition of moving so a lot of our recent purchases are influenced by one or both of those things. 🙂

Kid’s Garlic Oil

This stuff is so amazing! My kids both recently had double ear infections. Yes- you heard that right, they BOTH had DOUBLE ear infections at the same time. This garlic oil is a great, natural approach to help ear infections for kids. If you think an infection might be coming on, a couple drops in the ear before bed can make a huge difference!

Whole-Brain Child Book

I have a goal of reading more books this year. In the first two weeks of the year, I read 2 books, which I feel super great about! I am definitely more in the mood of fictional books these days, but I thought the occasional non-fiction would be good for me, so I bought this book that has super great reviews. So far, I’m only about a quarter way through it and the content is great, but I’m not loving it. I’ve been going from reading murder mysteries so this book feels super slow, but overall the content is still good.

Tree Storage Bag

We bought a tree storage bag but it’s not for our Christmas Tree (although, we do have one for our tree and if you don’t, you need one; they’re great!!). This bag is getting used to store my husband’s electric drum kit. Since we’re moving and we won’t have a basement for the drum kit to be set up all the time like we have now, we have to have some way to store it, so we thought this could be a cheaper option but still work great!


If you’re in need of a journal but want something small and cost effective, this is a great option! Very gender neutral and simple.

Diaper Pail Refill Bags

Each of our kids has a Diaper Genie to put used diapers in. Inside the pail, the diapers are kept in bags. Refill bags are a necessity, but we get this off brand that is cheaper than the actual ‘Diaper Genie’ brand but still very durable and work great.

Vitamin D Drops

These drops are for my breastfed daughter. Breastfed babies need Vitamin D- the only thing that apparently is lacking in breastmilk. We were running low so I ordered more.

Storage Bins

These bins are SO CUTE! I love the look of them, the ability to label, the rope handles, etc. This is a pack of 2 and they’ll be used as my kiddos’ memory bins. I’m waiting to put them together until after we’ve moved, but I want a place to keep all my daughter’s memories and as I was looking for one for her, I thought it’d be great to find matching for my son (his current one is super big and doesn’t have a lid).

Flakey Salt

I’ve never purchased salt like this but I see recipes call for this gourmet salt from time to time and I’m excited to try it. It’s a cheap way to make a recipe look a bit fancier.

Luggage Tags

I bought two of these tags personalized with my kids’ names to add to their diaper bag for when they’re in nursery at church for people to see which bag is for my kids. I got them both in the tan/brown color. They haven’t arrived yet, but I’m excited to add them to the bag once they do!

Piggy Bank

Recently, my daughter got dedicated at church and my parents gave her some cash for a piggy bank! I want to keep that money for her and so I knew it was time to purchase a piggy bank for her. My son has one that we keep coins & bills he’s given in. And this one wasn’t super expensive either but looks feminine which I like.

Are you in need of any of these items I mentioned?

Tia Marie

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