We’ve all been there. Have to get out the door early. You’re trying to make sure all the kids are changed, fed, happy, and not getting into anything they shouldn’t all while cleaning up from breakfast, getting yourself ready, letting the dog outside, and loading everything into the car. Woofta. I’m exhausted evening just typing that. Your only goal is to make it into the car with all your children and the things you need.

So, how can we decrease the amount of mornings like that and increase the mornings that are smooth, easy, and flow nicely?

Here are some tips…

Plan Ahead

Your morning starts the night before. If we have an early morning, I like to prep the night before. I set out the kids’ outfits on the dressers. I’ll plan for an easy breakfast. I’ll even set the diaper bag by the door and anything else we need to get out of the house in the morning. These simple things do save time in the morning.

Care For Yourself First

And by this I mean, wake up before the kids. First thing, get yourself dressed (with the clothes you laid out the night before). Get your teeth brushed, hair done, makeup on, etc. Then, once the kids are awake, you don’t have to try and tackle getting yourself ready amongst getting them ready as well.

Prep The Kitchen

Once you’re ready for the day, work on the kitchen- unload the dishwasher and start making breakfast. And again, think simple.

Take A Deep Breath

Take time for yourself when you’re able. This might mean waking up extra early to enjoy the silence before the busy morning. Read your Bible, listen to music, light a candle, read a book, or journal. You’ll be a better parent amongst the busyness if you get a few minutes to yourself prior to the kids awaking.

Good luck for the busy mornings. Take it one task at a time! And have grace for your little ones.

Tia Marie

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