When my daughter was born, my son was not quite 14 months old. I really had two babies at the same time! It will take time for your toddler to adjust to this big, new thing in the house. Here are some tips for navigating those first few weeks (& months) with a toddler and a new baby.

Big brother meeting little sis for the first time 🙂
Prep the Toddler

My son was not quite old enough to understand a baby was coming. But, if your toddler is old enough, prep them months in advance! Talk about the new baby, read a book about being a big brother/sister, bring them to an ultrasound, have them hug & kiss your belly, and maybe even buy them a gift that will be from the new baby to give when they meet. You want it to be a positive interaction from before the baby is even there.

Never Leave Them Alone

As obvious as this may seem, don’t leave your toddler in reach of the baby. Ever. Get a place the baby can go when you have to use the restroom, for example, that is out of reach of your toddler so no accidents or wrong intentions may happen. Utilize this safe space for the baby for a while. You’d rather play it safe than be sorry if something happened while you turned your back. Your toddler will slowly learn what’s acceptable and not to do with the little sibling.

Provide Time & Space To Give The Toddler Your Time

Your toddler only knows life with mom & dad. They do not understand what sharing their parents is like. Make sure you and your husband provide time and space to each give your toddler undivided time without the newborn. They need to feel seen, validated, and loved, and since they’re still so young, they don’t quite fully understand what having a sibling means. The toddler will see the mom nurse (or bottle feed) the newborn and that is a very intimate thing. The toddler will want to feel that closeness to their mom because it looks like they’re missing out on special mom bonding.

Give The Toddler Chances To Help With The Baby

As soon as your toddler is old enough to help, give them simple tasks to do to help with the baby because they want to be as involved as you’ll let them. Allow them to “hold” the baby, throw a diaper away, grab a new diaper, etc. This will help them feel a sense of control that they desire.

Having two babies under two years old is amazing, but it also comes with many challenges. Embrace this season because it’s just that- a short season that will be gone before you know it.

Tia Marie

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