Do you have a baby around 6 months old and are searching for effective toys for them to learn and help them developmentally where they’re at? Here are 6 toys that would be great for your 6 month old (or older).

Crinkle Tissue Box

This is a great sensory toy for your baby! The fabrics they pull out are different textures, sounds, and colors. And the act of grabbing the fabric and pulling it out is a great fine motor skill for them to practice and learn.

Object Permanence Box

Object permanence is understanding the fact that things still exist even if you can’t see them. This toy helps babies understand that idea with the ball going in and coming back out.

Silicone Stacking Cups

The idea of stacking is a great concept for all babies & toddlers to practice. If it’s blocks, cups, etc.

Wooden Teether Toys

These are great because they double as teethers and toys! Babies love anything that makes noise and they can chew.

Ribbon Rings

The contrasting colors and bell noises are great stimulating toys for those little ones.

Quiet Book

This is a great felt book that grows with your child. Lots of fun activities. And even machine washable!

Tia Marie

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