We might think it seems obvious that we love our kids and that our kids know our love for them. But do they? When was the last time you told them how you felt? When was the last time you showed them how you felt? Words are not just enough; your actions speak louder than words.

So today, I want to give 10 actionable things we, as parents, can do to show our love for our kids.

  1. Tell them. Make it a daily thing to say the words, “I love you.” It could be every morning or every night before bed, but make sure those words leave your mouth each day, no matter how old your child is.
  2. Put your phone away. Your children need to see that they’re a priority in your life. Yes- it’s fun to capture photos and videos of them doing/saying sweet things, but make a point to have times with your kiddos with NO phone. Show them that they’re more important to you than a screen.
  3. Get down to their level. Physically, get on the floor with them. Look them in the eye.
  4. Do the things they love. If they love playing with cars, play cars. If they love books, read them books. If they like dress up, play dress up with them. People feel loved if they know others put effort into doing things they enjoy.
  5. Go out of your way. Now, this doesn’t have to be a daily thing, but from time to time, pick them up a special treat, make them a meal you know they love, cut their food into fun shapes, etc. Being intentional goes a long way.
  6. Have one on one time. Again, kids need to know you care. What better way to show them that than by spending one-on-one time with them, especially once you have more children.
  7. Encourage them. The world screams insults, criticisms, comparisons, etc. Make sure YOU are speaking the opposite. Tell your child how capable they are, how smart they are, how funny they are, how handsome they are, etc. Words stick with them!
  8. Listen to your child. Give them your listening ears. Let them know you care how their day at school was or about their time on the playground. Give them space to share and give them your attention to listen to what they have to say.
  9. Discipline them. Depending on the age of your children, they might not see disciplining as an act of love when in fact you discipline because you love (Proverbs 13:24). But when they get older, they will thank you for disciplining and correcting them because it’s all for their benefit in the long run.
  10. Show them affection. Kids want to be hugged, kissed, and snuggled. My son is at the age right now where he loves giving kisses and basically requires snuggles before bed lol. Give them that time. Physically show your love for them through physical touch.

Ten easy ways to show your children how much you love them. These are all so important!!!

Tia Marie

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