We all have that list of baby names in our phone somewhere. You know, the one you started when you were 13 years old and have added onto since. I do! My husband and I added to it as we got married as the topic came up time and again.

Today, I’d like to share with you some names we love but won’t use for future kids. Currently, we have 2 kids- Hudson Bjorn and Lany Jae. We like names that can stay with a child for their whole life. So many names these days are cutesy and do not fit a child older than 5 years old without sounding weird. We also do not love super trendy names or ones that are super basic and overused. We don’t want our child to have 4 classmates all with the same name or always have their name mispronounced or misspelled.

Let’s start with girl names:






Now onto boy names:







Boy names have always been easier for us for some reason. There are names we love but probably won’t use for future kids. What names would be on your list like this?

Tia Marie

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