Each week (or so) I rotate my son’s toys for multiple reasons:

  1. He forgets about a toy when it’s not out so then he doesn’t get bored of his toys. It’s like fresh toys each week.
  2. Only having a handful of toys at a given time to play with really lets him experiment with that toy and get the use out of it (especially open-ended toys).
  3. I don’t have room for all the toys to be out and if they were all out, it would be so disorganized and overstimulating for my son.

And for the record, the majority of my kids’ toys I thrift. When you have your eye out and go frequently enough, you’d be surprised at what you can find for a fraction of the cost. I’ll try to link the toys but I won’t be able to find them all.

Here are the toys he’s loving this week and why I also love them:

Wooden Keurig coffee maker My son loves these open-ended type toys. We have this one (linked), a toaster set, and a mixer. He is obsessed with doing those things he sees us do in real life with his version (put toast in the toaster, sip “coffee” from the cup, use the mixer, etc). These are wonderful toys that really stretch your toddler to use their imagination. There are never-ending things they can do with the toy! And it also can help them practice real-life skills too.

Blocks My son loves building towers and knocking them over. This is usually something my husband and I will do with him. We’ll count the blocks as we stack them & he’s starting to learn how to count the first couple numbers and he’s only 20 months old! I love the endless possibilities that blocks bring. They’re such a pure toy that can grow with the toddler.

Cars My son’s favorite car is currently one my mom thrifted for him. He loves pushing it around, making car noises. It’s so cute. And again, I love cars for kids because they can drive them all over, stack them, play pretend with them, have them crash, etc. They won’t get bored of cars.

Ring Stacker This is a great toy for kids to practice fine motor skills & it’s a plus that my son is obsessed with stacking the rings and then dumping them all on the ground and repeating. This is a great skill for them to learn that can relay into various life skills too.

These are my son’s current favorite toys and why I love them too!

Tia Marie

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