Any other moms out there struggling to find time with Jesus throughout your day with young kids? I am!

Ideally, I love to be up before my kids so I can read my Bible before they’re awake, but lately sleep has been a little rough and that hasn’t been able to happen. And sometimes it’s easy for me to think that if time with Jesus doesn’t happen right away in the morning that it then doesn’t happen at all that day, but that doesn’t have to be the case! I’m still figuring this out, but here are things I’ve tried on those days where I haven’t been able to read my Bible early in the morning.

Pray while doing those mundane household tasks like laundry or dishes. You can pray anywhere! It doesn’t have to only be on your couch with your eyes closed. Pray for the health of your family while you cook a delicious meal. Pray for your kids while you fold their laundry. Pray for your family’s finances while you go through the mail. It truly can happen anytime! But it might take a minute for it to become a habit, so it takes intentionality. But God is always there; don’t forget that!

Have worship music playing in your home. This can be a great way to set the tone of your home from chaos to worship. And I bet it’ll help the moods of your children as well.

Switch your mindset that spending time with Jesus has to look a certain way and be a certain length of time… because it doesn’t! Caring for your family is a form of worship because that’s something parents are called to. Worship doesn’t have to be standing there with your arms raised singing. Yes- this is an important aspect of worship, but that’s not where it has to stop. We have to step out of the expectations we have on ourselves because when you have young kids, things rarely go to plan & for a season it will look differently. Remember, you are doing the work of Christ by raising up those kids.

Read your Bible in front of your kids. Just because you don’t have time before they wake up doesn’t mean you don’t have another chance. Get the kids occupied in something and sit right there and read! This will also be an example to them. If they come by you, tell them about what you’re reading and even read out loud for them to hear.

Read the Bible as a family. We’re not amazing at remembering, but we have a kid Bible Story Book that we try to read one story each morning after breakfast. Even though our kids are both young, it doesn’t mean they can’t start hearing God’s Word. We want that to be soaked into their hearts and minds from a young age.

Take a drive with the kids & listen to worship music, pray, or listen to a sermon. If your kids are like mine, they do great in the car and it’ll kind of make you feel like you’re alone lol. Driving is a great time to connect with God!!

Worship with your kids! I play piano and love playing & singing worship songs. My son loves sitting on the bench with me and he bangs on the keys lol. I sing and he can be there and witness a form of worship. It’s truly so beautiful.

Here are a few ways to help us shift our thinking as moms to what time with Jesus can and should look like. Remember, as a mom, you are doing amazing work raising these kids and that is honoring God!

“As for parents, don’t provoke your children to anger, but raise them with discipline and instruction about the Lord.”

Ephesians 6:4

Tia Marie

2 responses to “How time with Jesus looks different as a mom”

  1. ✿ Lovely Panda Mom ✿ Avatar

    Mornings for me are a no-go 😁 I start my day by taking care of my baby’s needs, and I get *maybe* one or two cups of coffee in before we really get our day started. I read the Bible on my Kindle app at night, and that’s really the best time for me. We also do worship music (as me and my baby play) and we also have a kids’ Bible! Yay! I love how you say spending time with Jesus doesn’t have to require a certain amount of time. That is so true! It’s not another check in a to-do list. It’s good to do our best, and some days that is 5 minutes, and other days it’s much longer than that 🥰

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    1. tiawestad Avatar

      Yes!! Love this!!

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