I think it can be really easy to let our physical circumstances dictate how we feel. Just today, my teething 8 month old screamed for an hour and a half straight during my son’s nap time that is supposed to be the time I can accomplish household tasks. I let the unfortunate circumstances of my teething daughter ruin my entire afternoon. I think we’ve all been there. We set expectations for our day, week, month, year, etc and if they don’t go exactly how we play out in our minds, we get upset and throw mini tantrums (yes- adults can throw pity parties too…).

Tonight, my sweet husband let me sneak away for a few hours to have some alone time (praise Jesus) & I read a couple pages in my current book- Seeing Is Believing by Gregory Boyd. I read a section that was SO GOOD I just have to share because it spoke to me in a way that if I apply this, I can completely change my mindset, which will lead to less “ruined afternoons.”

“How do you respond to difficult situations differently when you manifest the truth rather than the lies you’ve internalized from the world?”

— Gregory Boyd, Seeing Is Believing

He went on to explain how crucial it is to practice imagining yourself experiencing the truth we say we believe, using all five senses.

“What do you look, sound, and feel like when you are convinced in the core of your being that you are loved with an everlasting love, like the Bible says you are?”

— Gregory Boyd , Seeing Is Believing

Obviously, there is so much more to this book that I don’t have the space to share with you today, but this section hit me HARD. Just because I feel frustrated, annoyed, upset, etc. at a given circumstance doesn’t mean I have to stay in that. Jesus calls me to walk in His Love and not stay stuck in my feelings that are not from Him. Man..

God is so good! Who else wants to work on this with me?

Tia Marie

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