Anyone else currently have a teething baby? I do! Anyone else’s teething babies STRUGGLE? My daughter screams when she’s teething. It doesn’t matter if it’s 1am or 3pm, she shows her pain through non-stop screams (pray for my husband & I LOL).

Here’s a short list of some teethers my daughter loves & that actually help ease the pain for her:

Teething Straws– these are her FAVORITE. All day everyday you can find my daughter chewing on one of these. They’re easy for her to grasp. These come everywhere with us.

Avocado– this was gifted to my son when he was a baby; he didn’t use it a ton, but my daughter enjoys it! Apparently, there are other fruits you can buy too. It’s fun when a teether is also cute. 🙂

Handheld Reindeer– this was in my daughter’s Easter basket, so she hasn’t had it for very long yet. So far, she likes it a lot! It’s very easy to hold onto & there are various things to hold & chew on.

Water Teether– these aren’t the cutest teethers, but my son specifically loved these. You keep them in the fridge so they’re cold and it helps soothe the area in pain. My only complaint would be that they lose their chill pretty quickly. And it’s a common misunderstanding to freeze them, but you DO NOT freeze these (could risk the baby getting a hole in it).

Teething Gel– this isn’t a *teether*, but it does help. I couldn’t find the exact one we use, but I linked one similar. We use an all natural one.

If you have a little one struggling with teething (like mine is currently), give one of these a go!

Tia Marie

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