Recently, we sent out our son’s second birthday party invites (whoop whoop)!! What I like doing for my kids’ birthdays is making an online wish list that anyone can access. Then, I can add notes, color preferences, sizes, etc and when something is purchased, it shows so no one else buys the same item. The site I use is called, Giftster. And obviously, gifts are not required for my kids, I want to make that clear, but family always asks, so I might as well make a list that shows everything in one place for everyone.

If anyone has a two year old boy they need ideas for or have a two year old themselves and they don’t know what to gift them, I want to share the list of things I have on my son’s list. Before I do though, I want to share my philosophy with making my kids’ wish lists.

  • I add more items then they’ll receive so people can still have some choice in what they decide to buy. When I’ve been on the buying end, it’s fun to choose something you’d enjoy giving rather than having only 2 options to choose from and not really loving either one. It makes the purchasing and giving more exciting.
  • I add items with a range of prices. I add larger items that people can chip in on with others and smaller items that are only a few dollars.
  • I only add items that my kids actually need/I want in my home. I don’t just add things to add things.
  • I start thinking of things I want to add to these wish lists months in advance so I can truly think about what they need/I want for them. Then I’m not rushed at all in thinking about what to ask for.
  • I take into consideration things they may need in a future season. For example, last year for my son’s first birthday, I asked for a little bike. He was slightly young for it, but within 2 months was riding it everywhere, so this was the perfect thing to ask for.
  • I’m detailed on the listing as to exactly what color and size I want for things so there doesn’t need to be any questions for the buyer.
  • I rank the items based off how needed they are. 5 star items show up at the top and are the items we’d like the most and then all the way down to 1 star. I mainly use the 3-5 stars.

Gift Ideas:

Kid’s Adjustable Helmet Pack My husband and I are buying my son a toddler skateboard since he’s OBSESSED with my husband’s, so this is a pack of a helmet, knee pads, etc. to keep him safe while learning to ride.

Sensory Table with Bins I’ve always eyed the iKEA sensory table. Especially as my son is an official toddler, I would love to create activities for him using this table

Strider Bike Our goal is for my son to not have to use training wheels. The way to do this is by offering a bike like this. His current bike will be passed to his sister and this would be awesome for this summer!

The Nugget Couch I HAVE WANTED THIS FOR SO LONG!! I’ve seen a million recommendations for this couch for kids. You can build various things with it. My son loves to wrestle and do physical things, so this would be perfect for him.

Magna-Tiles I don’t ask for a lot of toys, but these are great for open-ended play and car rides, plane rides, etc.

Potty Training Toilet My son has shown a handful of signs that he’s getting closer to potty training, so this toilet is a great step in that direction! I want to place it in our main bathroom so he can sit on it whenever we use the restroom. It even makes a flushing sound!

Hot Wheels Track Pack My son loves cars (his party is actually car themed hehe) and so this was my husband’s idea to get for him and I love it. 🙂

New Balance Shoes I never really buy my kids shoes brand new, but these are adorable and very good quality.

Puzzle Storage Rack Kids’ puzzles are so tricky to store and this could help keep them more organized.

Sensory Bin Tools These are great tools to help him play in the sensory bins.

Wooden Zoo Animal Blocks My son loves building and loves animals, so I thought this was another great toy to add to our home.

Potty Training Book To go along with the potty training toilet.

Kinetic Sand This is a great and cheap thing to add to sensory bins.

Those are all the things on my two year old son’s birthday wish list this year. 🙂

Tia Marie

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