I have had the honor of being a bridesmaid in 5 weddings in my life (almost 6!). It’s such an exciting time. Once I was married myself and knew everything that went into planning a wedding, I feel like I have a better take on what I can do to help future friends (as a bridesmaid) as they navigate a season of engagement.

  1. Don’t ask unnecessary questions. If there is a personal attendant or Maid of Honor, ask them a question before you ask the bride (or groom) to be. They already have a lot of people & businesses to get back to, it’s best to ask someone else before going to the bride. If you are the MOH or personal attendant, then ask the bride directly so you can give answers to the remainder of the bridal party as they come up.
  2. Help plan a shower & bachelorette party. Don’t let the bride do anything. Be her biggest supporter and encourager in this season that is so wonderful yet can be very stressful too. Be generous with your time and hosting wonderful events to bless her.
  3. Be willing to help research/plan anything needed. Sometimes, the bride wants to do it herself but in some areas, an outsider can be of big help researching! Ask what you can do to help. Even something as simple as researching table decor, can be of such a big help!
  4. Be open to what the bride wants. In this, I mean, your friend might want all her bridesmaids to pay to have their hair, nails, makeup, etc. done for the day. And by accepting to be in the bridal party, you’re accepting these decisions too. Don’t push back on what she wants to do. She’s only getting married once; support her in her decisions.
  5. Check in with her often just to see how she’s doing with wedding stuff and also life stuff! She needs a life outside planning a wedding. Be that for her!
  6. Ease any stress for her on the day of the wedding. There are a lot of ways to do this- make a playlist of fun songs to dance to as you’re all getting ready, bring snacks, offer any help for her, don’t let her know if anything messes up, etc.

In writing this, it’s making me reminiscent of my engagement, so I’m going to share a few pictures of the special (& VERY cold) day in 2019 where Trevor proposed to me on the North Shore.

What things did you appreciate from your bridal party when you were engaged?

Tia Marie

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