i love going thrifting, and since having a baby, i love thrifting for him especially. one thing i always check out when thrifting are the toys. if you’ve ever shopped for a kid, you know that toys are expensive brand new so, finding them used and cheap saves a lot of money!!

i particularly love wooden or felt toys. we are going to follow a light montessori approach which is about less toys but having the toys you do have be ones that are more learning based and open-ended, so those are ones i search for.

melissa & doug have such good, wooden toys and i’ve been able to find a handful of toys by them for great deals!

here are some of my favorite toys i’ve thrifted for my son (and future babies):

  1. here is an example of a melissa & doug wooden puzzle. each of the modes of transportation is a couple pieces. can’t wait for hudson to be a little older and be able to do this puzzle!

2. this next toy is a felt tool box. how adorable is this?! it comes with a saw, a hammer, and a couple bolts. in the future, i’d like to find a few more felt tools to add to this or maybe upgrade to a wooden tool set if that’s something he’s interested in as he gets older. i let him play with this now, at 8 months old, for exposure to various textures.

3. the next toy is a wooden tic-tac-toe board that has a chess board on the back! the wooden bowls i also thrifted but the tic-tac-toe/chess pieces i found on amazon. my husband loves chess, so i can’t wait until they can play together!

4. i also found some wooden abc blocks! they are two-sided with letters. these are cute for decor and to help them with words and sounds as they get older.

5. the last toy i’m going to share is a wooden truck and i’m obsessed with this! it’s so vintage and cute! i use this for decor on his shelf for now since he’s a little young still. can’t wait for him to be into trucks and play with this!

tia marie

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