toy rotations can seem daunting, but they don’t have to be! we just moved about a month ago, so it was the perfect time to redo/revamp my son’s toy collection and organize it in a way that rotations were possible.

i didn’t take any pictures of his closet, but i used various baskets and bins I already owned and sorted his toys into categories:

  • toys (2 of these just for regular toys)
  • puzzles
  • academics (stuff like flashcards and his wooden clock that he’s a bit too young for at the moment)
  • crafts
  • board books

then, every week or so my goal is to take the 4 toys he has access to and exchange them out for various new toys that i already have sorted nicely, so it doesn’t even have to take more than 5-10 minutes.

before i show you this week’s rotation, I wanted to share some of my thought process as i do this rotation for him each week:

  1. montesorri. we are not 100% montessori, but i like to be in the areas i can. this includes putting some toys in baskets/trays and having toys that have a purpose and aren’t just noisy (or plastic). i also have all his toys at his level so he can grab which toys he wants when he wants.
  2. small pieces. my son is still at that age where everything goes into the mouth at some point, so i have to make sure i don’t put toys/activities that have too small of pieces so he doesn’t choke when he’s having independent play.
  3. variety. i try to have one puzzle and then the other toys being a wide spectrum of what their purpose is so he has variety in what he has access to.

our toy collection isn’t super large yet because i don’t really buy him new toys. as you know, kids can make anything a toy. but, anytime i’m at a consignment/thrift store or garage sale, i check out the kid’s toys and that’s where the majority of his toys are from (or from family). and you’d be surprised the gems you find!!

here’s this week’s rotation:

now, let’s look briefly at what each cubby holds (the bottom always has those books, organized by color):

wooden blocks with the alphabet on them

a musical instrument puzzle where every time the piece is put in place, it makes that instruments’ noise

various musical instruments (only a couple pictured)

a few board books by eric carle (only a couple pictured)

and to the right of the book case, i have his newest toy (thank you once upon a child) which is his cleaning set by melissa & doug. literally have wanted one of these for him but never wanted to buy new. $10- what a find!!

toy rotations can be fun for you & they’re definitely fun for your kiddos! get one a try this week using the toys you already have!

tia marie

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  1. Olivia Avatar

    Thank you for sharing!


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