Recently, I uploaded a video on my YouTube channel (yes- I recently started a channel) all about being postpartum. I recorded this video because I feel like there is so much content out there for pregnant mamas, from apps to see how your baby is developing, to what contractions feel like, and even how to try and induce your labor. But then the mama has the baby and all the incoming opinions and recommendations are about the baby and not the mom. What happens? The mom is going through so much both physically and emotionally and tends to not have any resources on how to handle all she’s going through.

So, my intent in recording that video was to be a woman to chat with other new mamas, mamas-to-be, or friends to new mamas about my experiences with being postpartum with my two babies and to shed some light on the topic that isn’t talked about- postpartum.

Go ahead and watch my video (linked above) if you’re interested. Otherwise, I’m going to break down a few of the things I chatted about here for you:

My favorite products to use postpartum are the Frida peri bottle, adult diapers/super large pads, witch hazel pads, ice packs, oversized underwear, nipple cream, & comfy pants.

Postpartum Truths: Your period can return while breastfeeding. My period came back around 2 months postpartum with both babies and I was nursing both at that time. You can also get pregnant while nursing. We intended for our babies to be close in age, but other women have thought this was not possible and got pregnant unexpectedly. You can also get pregnant even if your period has not yet returned.

Physically: You bleed a ton. I bled for almost two months straight with both my babies postpartum and had a lot of stitches with my first. Prepare to not be able to sit or feel normally down there for weeks (it gets much easier after your first). Prepare for your nipples to bleed, crack, and hurt so badly if you’re nursing. It’s a journey for sure.

Night Time Feed Essentials: I love having two baskets in my bedroom when freshly postpartum. One basket to be for me and one for baby. The one for me includes snacks that I only have during night time feeds. This is something I can look forward to even though I’m exhausted and can help me stay awake while nursing. The one for baby includes all things baby related- diapers, cream, wipes, burp cloth, etc. It also includes nipple cream and nursing pads for me.

Spiritually: Your time with Jesus will look differently. Once you feel like you’re getting better sleep and more like yourself, waking up before your baby can make the world of a difference, but obviously not ideal when freshly postpartum. You need sleep in order to be the best mom and wife you can be. Time with Jesus can be praying while doing household chores, changing diapers, or feeding your baby. You can listen to sermons/podcasts and the audio Bible. You might not have the time to sit down and pray/read your Bible for an hour before your baby is awake, but you can make the most of the time throughout your day that you do have. And remind yourself that things will get better and you’ll feel more like yourself very soon. Jesus loves you and sees what you’re going through; it takes a lot of adjusting.

The Joys: Now, it may seem like this blog emphasizes the challenges and hardships, but let me tell you that there are so many joys in being postpartum. Your baby is SO snuggly. Your baby takes a lot of naps! Every new milestone your baby hits makes you extremely proud. You have a new built-in lifelong best friend. It’s the best!

You may not look or feel like yourself, but remember that being a mom and raising that child to know Jesus is such an important task. The sleepless nights and vomit all over you are truly making an impact, even if it doesn’t feel like it in the moment.

Tia Marie

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