my husband and i are fond of gender neutral baby clothing. we like the simplicity of it and that the clothing doesn’t scream at you with flashy colors, sparkles, sequins, etc.

with having a son, i love dressing with patterns and animals, as well as neutral colors. i find that in dressing my son in clothes like this, we actually save money since so many of the clothes mix and match together! also, when we have a second child, a lot of the clothes my son wears, our next baby can also wear no matter the gender. it doesn’t mean my son never wears bright colors (today he is actually wearing neon orange), but most of his outfits are fairly neutral.

my favorite stores to shop for baby clothing at are zara, h & m, and once upon a child (consignment). i also enjoy baby gap and old navy.

here are 5 minimal outfit ideas for your baby:-

  • matching set. such an easy outfit! takes no effort at all when the two pieces are made to go together. this matching set was gifted to us from amazon. perfect color for fall!
  • jumper/romper. dressing in something that is only one piece, makes getting your baby dressed that much easier! this jumper was from a garage sale. so cute & cozy! make sure it has snaps for changing diapers still.
  • layers, layers, layers. this is my anthem when dressing my son these days. the weather is freezing in the morning and then warms up significantly by early afternoon. dressing in layers makes weather like this easy since we can slowly take off layers as needed as the weather warms up throughout the day.
  • sweatshirt & jeans. every baby looks adorable in jeans, am i right?! the nice thing about jeans (or jeggings) is that the outfit ideas are endless because pretty much everything can match with jeans. in this pic, hudson was wearing a lion king sweatshirt from zara and a carhartt beanie.
  • onesie & leggings. it’s as simple as pairing any neutral onesie with any neutral pants. doesn’t matter if it’s gray, beige, black, white, etc. then, if one part of his outfit gets dirty and we need to change, we don’t need to change his whole outfit- just the part that’s dirty. his onesie is from h & m, and i believe his pants are carter’s.

one of my favorite parts of my morning routine is picking out and dressing my son in a new outfit. maybe it’s bringing out the playing dress up with dolls as a child. either way, these were 5 outfit ideas for dressing your baby minimally but still super cute!

tia marie

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