at the time of writing this, i am almost 37 weeks pregnant. the other night, it hit me that in less than a month (most likely), we’ll have a newborn again! it’s like you know in your mind you’re pregnant, you have the constant physical reminder that you’re pregnant, but the reality hasn’t fully sunk in yet. but honestly, with how busy life has been these past few months, i don’t know if it’ll truly set in or feel real until i’m in the hospital. but, her nursery is complete which feels so good! in the coming weeks there will be a post all about her nursery & the transformation of it!

there are definitely some differences in how i’ve been feeling with this being a second baby. one of those is how i’m carrying. we took maternity pictures over a week ago as a family and comparing my belly with my first pregnancy, i can tell I’m carrying lower for sure! and my belly might actually be a bit smaller, but my son was over 10lbs, measuring 2+ weeks big throughout the entire pregnancy, so it makes sense.

another difference i’ve noticed is where i feel movement. early on when i started to feel her move, it was so low! like under my belly, in my pelvis it felt like. and she’ll kick my bladder a ton. all of a sudden i’ll get this urgency to pee, whereas i never really felt that with my first. but it’s rare if i don’t wake up having to go to the bathroom in the night.

a few days ago, i had my 36 week appointment & I’m dilated to a 1. at this point in my first pregnancy, i was not quite to a 1 yet. and my doctor said baby’s head is super low already, whereas with my son at 36 weeks, he was still very high.

some other things i’ve been feeling… my belly button is almost an outie! it’s super weird to look down and see! good ole braxton hicks contractions. i began having them around 18 weeks this pregnancy (which is insane to me!!). they’re less frequent now than they were in the 2nd trimester, but i do still get the occasional tightness & uncomfortability of them. the heart burn has been insane! typically, i feel it worst on a day i’ve had a soda but somedays it’s still bad. usually it hits me when i lay down to sleep, so that’s convenient… i’m at that point in pregnancy where my joints hurt a lot when i stand up after sitting/laying down. my body feels as though i’m 100 years old or something haha. i’ve been obsessed with freezies. you know the kind you cut the top off and slurp out of the plastic? oh the memories of childhood. and sadly, two of my favorite- chick-fil-a & chipotle, have not sounded appetizing in the slightest… 😦

a second pregnancy is definitely different! you don’t really have the time to just rest when you want since you have another child to take care of. so i don’t know if it’s that i haven’t been as tired or if i just haven’t had the time to realize my exhaustion.

but, we cannot wait to welcome another baby into the family!!

tia marie

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