Now that my daughter is over 2 months old, I’ve finally found a rhythm that works for me to make the most of my morning, and ultimately my entire day. My morning routine actually starts the night before.

Before Bed Days I’m able to prepare for the morning before going to bed, my morning goes even smoother. I like to set out my clothes for the next day as well as both the kids’ clothes. I like to have all dishes done, dried, & put away (except ones that need to air out overnight). I also like to lay out anything needed right away in the morning (notebook, Bible, laptop, etc.).

6am Wake Up Sometimes it’s 6am and other times it’s 6:15am, but my goal is 6am. You might call me crazy to have a 2 month old and setting an alarm for myself instead of taking the opportunity to sleep more, but honestly, I feel more rejuvenated with 30 minutes to 1.5 hours in a quiet house while the kids sleep than I would to get that much more sleep.

6:10am Get Ready This is taking me longer these days than normal but in this span of time I’m doing my makeup, getting dressed, maybe Marcoing a friend, & probably feeding my baby. So I’m kind of all over the place haha.

6:50am Prepare Home At this time, I like to open up the blinds, put away remaining dishes, & let the dog out of her kennel and outside. It’s setting my environment. There’s something so peaceful about the morning sun beaming in through the windows. I just love it!

7-8am Work This looks differently every morning. Sometimes I take this time to do my Bible time. Other days it looks like clocking in from the kitchen counter to do some work from home. Some mornings I take my sleeping baby to Starbucks and work on my business, blog, or do work from there while he gets ready and is home with our sleeping son.

8am Breakfast My husband has been in a groove of making us breakfast in the morning (so sweet). Around this time I’m usually finishing up my work and we sit down as a family to eat! My son usually wakes up between 7:20-7:45am. He plays around while I finish up and Trevor finishes breakfast. I keep my son in his pjs until after breakfast since his clothes typically get food on them while he eats.

8:30am Get Kids Ready After breakfast, it’s a time to finish getting ready- if that’s me, my husband, or the kids, we tag team and get it done.

9am Get Day Activities Started Once everyone is fed, changed, and ready, whatever is going on for that day begins. 🙂

What’s your favorite part of your morning routine?

Tia Marie 🙂

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