Sickness has hit our family, unfortunately. It’s that time of year where Minnesota decides the temperature is going to drastically drop, prepping us for winter. All 4 of us are recovering from some type of cough & cold. When taking care of sick kids, there are certain things to do/use that will help make their recovery as smooth as possible.

Here are some products I am using right now to help my kids get better quicker:

  1. Hydration- This looks differently depending on the age of your child. For my toddler, keeping his water cup accessible to him at all times will help him. He is fairly good at drinking water, but you could add in some Pedialyte or Gatorade zero if hydration is a big concern. I love this straw cup for my son that is leak-proof. My daughter is only 2 months old, so for her that looks like nursing often and in shorter amounts since that’s more challenging with a plugged nose.
  2. Humidifier- Keeping the room full of moisture will help these nasty colds go away faster. Currently we cannot find our humidifier, so I’ve been running our diffusers at night since that is also increasing the moisture. Here’s a humidifier that’s fairly inexpensive; we might need to purchase so we have one on hand.
  3. Weather Appropriate Clothing- For us in Minnesota, I’ve already had to break out the hats and light jackets for my kids. These hats were a new purchase this year & I love them! They have many colors to choose from. I got a white one for my son and a hot pink one for my daughter. They have sizes from infant all the way through 7 years old!
  4. Nose Frida with Saline Spray- The idea of sucking boogers out of your kid’s nose might not seem the most appealing, but it works wonders! I used it with my son when he was little and now I use it with my daughter. I use this spray in each nostril first and then use the Nose Frida to remove any excess. Doing this to my daughter before each feeding helps her breathe better out of her nose.
  5. Rest- Now, this isn’t a product, but it’s one of the best things to help your child (& you) feel better. Taking life a little slower and focusing on resting will only improve your child’s physical and emotional well-being.

Being sick is no fun. Hopefully these few products can be helpful to your household if sickness comes to your family too. Share your favorite products to use on sick kids!

Tia Marie 🙂

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