Anyone who knows me well knows I get a song in my head and then I listen to it. ALL. THE. TIME. I sing it around the house, blast it in the car, listen to it while getting ready, etc. And my husband quickly gets sick of a song on constant repeat. I listen on repeat for a couple weeks and then I soon get sick of it and find a new song to listen to over and over. And the process repeats over and over. hahahaha Am I the only one?!

I’m always interested in finding new song recommendations so that this doesn’t continue to happen, so I thought I’d share some of those songs I’m currently obsessed with and would love your recs for songs as well. Let’s just jump right in. (no specific order)

  1. Question… ? by Taylor Swift
  2. Midnight Rain by Taylor Swift
  3. Off by Jake Scott
  4. Dirty White Chucks by Nightly
  5. Ask Seek Pray by River Valley Ages
  6. Snow on the Beach (clean version) by Taylor Swift
  7. Good Day by Jake Scott
  8. Take My Hand – Joshua Tree Version by 5 Seconds of Summer
  9. Firm Foundation (He Won’t) by Cody Carnes
  10. Run to the Father by Cody Carnes

My overall thoughts about this list.

  • I don’t listen to Taylor Swift a lot but her newest album just released and the ones I shared, I’ve been obsessed with recently.
  • Cody Carnes is ALWAYS a good option.
  • I clearly have a handful of artists I’m currently into.

What are your current go to songs?

Tia Marie

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