Everyone who lives in a colder climate knows that there are so many things to do for dates when it’s warm out and it’s easy to get lazy when it’s winter and cold to just stay inside and not go out and do anything. Here are some ideas of things to go out and do with your spouse even when it’s frigid outside. And a few ideas for at home dates that you can still be intentional with.

  1. Drive around to look at Christmas lights in your pajamas and bring with some egg nog or hot chocolate! It doesn’t require going out into the cold and you can be cozy. Make sure you blast those Christmas jams.
  2. Try out a new restaurant and go out for dessert afterwards. With living in Saint Paul, there are so many new places to go out to eat. Try something new!
  3. Do an outdoor activity you both enjoy. This could be ice skating, sledding, skiing, or snowboarding.
  4. Do a date night in where you turn off all the lights and light a bunch of candles. Watch a Christmas movie and make a charcuterie board. Do it after the kids are in bed.
  5. Visit a book store. If you’re book people, go try out a new book store & pick out a new book to go home and cozy up to read.
  6. Go to a movie theater and see a movie. I feel like going to a physical movie theater has become overlooked these days with all the movie viewing platforms but there’s something special about going to a theater to see a movie with your favorite snacks.
  7. Take a class together. This could be sculpting, painting, dance, you name it, there’s probably a class for it!
  8. Another at home date idea could be baking together! Try out a new recipe.
  9. Another at home idea could be board games! Put on some music you both enjoy, light a candle, grab a warm drink and your fave snacks, and make it a contest for who can win the most games.
  10. Go to the spa or make a spa at home. Give massages, do face masks, put cucumbers on your eyes, do anything that feels relaxing!

If you’ve been in a rut with date night ideas as it’s gotten colder out, I hope this can help a bit!

Tia Marie

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