For those that are new to my blog, I have 2 kiddos! At the time of writing this, they are 19 months and 5 months old. For my son, we decided to wait until birth to find out his gender and for my daughter, we found out and did a small reveal with family. After doing both ways- not finding out & finding out, I definitely prefer not finding out before birth & here’s why!

We love the idea of going a bit more gender neutral with our kid’s nurseries and clothing and so we didn’t need to know the gender ahead of time for these areas. That made it a bit easier.

It’s such an amazing surprise. As an adult, there are not a lot of big surprises you get to have. Finding out the gender of your baby in the moment after going through pain and laboring, is amazing. It makes more of a reward at the end of the labor (obviously, seeing your baby no matter what is a reward but this made it extra special).

Waiting makes for such an intimate experience with your spouse. We had a plan where once the baby was out, my husband would be the one to look and tell me the gender and that was extremely precious! It was such an intimate moment just us that I will forever cherish.

No opinions about gender from other people when pregnant. Once you find out the gender, people ask you about the name, & then…. you get a ton of opinions. Keeping the gender a surprise makes for people to more likely just enjoy the process of pregnancy with you. For example, when we found out we were having a girl, I had so many people tell me all about how drama filled girls are. I hate that! Just because you’re having a girl doesn’t mean she’s automatically going to be sassy & dramatic. And when people know boy or girl, they automatically feel as though they need to tell you all about that gender and import their opinions on you. This is especially common with strangers. They are less likely to tell you all their opinions if you don’t even know the gender!

I guarantee you won’t buy as much during pregnancy. When we found out I was pregnant with a girl, the next day I went to the thrift store and bought a ton of clothes for her because I was so excited! For my son, I didn’t buy a lot of clothes during the pregnancy, thus, I saved money.

Whether you find out the gender of your baby through a blood test at couple months, an ultrasound at 20 weeks, or after delivery, it is a special moment you will never forget.

How and when did you find out your baby’s gender?

Tia Marie

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