As a family with two little kids, there are different ways you and your spouse can connect with them as a family than if they were older. My kiddos are currently both under two years old and here are some simple ways we make time to connect as a family of four that aren’t hard and can be done everyday!

Have meals together. We make it a priority to have breakfast and dinner together each day. We read a Bible story out-loud and just enjoy one another’s company. And even though my kids aren’t necessarily old enough to participate in the conversations much, these are the times I bet they will remember. And starting the routine now will make it easier to follow through with as they get older.

Sit down on the floor in the playroom and play together/read books together. Each night, we have at least a few minutes where all four of us are in the playroom together. We are interacting with the kids by playing with them and reading books. Get to their level!! It means just as much to them as it does to you to have that bonding moment.

Participate in a family activity. This could be going to the zoo in the summer or just doing an evening walk outside after dinner. Teach your kids the importance of getting outside and getting exercise. Family walks are some of my favorite moments with my kids. And it doesn’t have to be anything extravagent or expensive.

Have time with no technology and phones. Your kids need to see that they are the priority-not your phone. Put it away and give them your undivided attention doing whatever.

It doesn’t have to be hard to spend quality time as a family.

Tia Marie

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