As a fellow mom, we’re all looking for ways to make those day to day life tasks easier for us and in turn, for our family. As a young mom of two littles, here are some hacks I do on a regular basis to just make life easier. I’m better at some of these than others but they’re all things I strive to regularly do and actually have benefits for my family.

Wake up before my kids.

Since my daughter’s nighttime sleep is very inconsistent, sometimes this happens and other times it doesn’t. But, even on days where I’m not up before my baby, I’m always up for the day before my toddler is. During this time, my husband and I have put the cozy lighting on and do our Jesus time in the quiet of the house. I also get dressed and do my makeup so that I can have my focus on my kids once they’re awake and less on getting myself ready. I can tell you, your mindset for the day will *change* in the best of ways once you have a few minutes in the morning to yourself. If you wake up to crying kids and are trying to get ready, make breakfast, change diapers, etc., you will be more on edge and that’s not the way you’d like to start your day.

Go to thrift stores before buying new.

Kid’s clothes are far from inexpensive and they outgrow their things so quickly. Shopping secondhand makes them growing out of their clothes that much easier for you because you don’t feel like you just spent $35 on their new outfit they wore three times, but you might have spent $5. Now, I do think buying some clothing items and toys new are worth it and you can ensure good quality in doing so, but overall, I think buying used is good for your budget and the environment too. But, it’s always a good idea to check out a thrift store or consignment shop first.

Get ready everyday.

Every single day, I put different clothes on than I slept in and I do my makeup. My productivity and confidence are so much higher when I put in even just a few minutes of effort. I’m not saying you need to wear a dress and false lashes everyday (I don’t!!), I’m just saying to put in a small amount of effort. I think this is especially important for fellow stay at home moms. I know you might not leave the house everyday and no one might see you expect your husband and kids, but trust me, do it. It’ll make you feel so much better and in turn, help you be a better mom and wife. And, I do think your husband will enjoy seeing you put effort into your look instead of rocking the same sweatpants 4 days in a row and a grubby t-shirt day in and day out.

Do one load of laundry every day.

I used to try and do as much laundry as possible a couple times a week, but I’ve been trying something new, and I like it so far! I do one load of laundry everyday. I try to make it one of the first things I do in the morning. Then, I switch it to the dryer after breakfast and fold/put it all away during afternoon naps. That way, it never feels overwhelming to me because I’m staying on top of it. Then, I also take Fridays (our family Sabbath) off of laundry and sometimes the entire weekend which feels great! Then on Monday’s I typically do a couple of loads. But, this system works; give it a try if you feel like laundry is super overwhelming to you.

Do at least one cleaning thing each day.

This goes hand in hand with the laundry one above, but if you do a little bit of cleaning each day, it’ll never seem like it’s too much and never get too out of hand. I don’t have this on a strict schedule, but if you need that, then do it! Say that Mondays are for bathrooms, Tuesday is for a kitchen deep clean, Wednesdays are for cleaning windows, etc. 15-20 minutes each day seems a lot more manageable than 3 hours every Saturday. You’re much more likely to clean for a few minutes everyday than for an entire day once a week. And, your house will never seem like a disaster because you’re doing something (even if it’s small) each day to help it stay clean.

Pick up your whole house before you go to sleep.

*This* is a game changer for me. I LOVE waking up to a clean space. It’s calming and peaceful to wake up (before the kids) to a clean space. You don’t need to pick up toys, do the dishes, vacuum, etc. You can use your morning time as time for yourself instead of playing catch up. But, in order for this to happen, you need to put the work in in the evenings. Typically, since I’m with the kids all day while my husband is at work, he’ll play with the kids while I clean up from dinner. I will do all dishes (and dry & put away), wipe down the kitchen table, counters, & stove, clean the sink (baking soda & essential oil), and vacuum. This makes the space smell SO GOOD and be all fresh and ready for breakfast in the morning. Once the kids go to bed, my husband and I will tag team the remainder of the downstairs. I love the feeling of putting all toys from the playroom away and waking up the next morning to a fully clean space for the kids. It’s very satisfying and again, will make your mornings feel that much sweeter for you.

Prep food ahead of time.

If you’re able to batch make any food for the week on a Sunday afternoon or Monday morning, do it! This could mean protein balls (my family’s current fave), a loaf of bread, or egg muffins that can be made in bulk and heated as needed throughout the week.

Make time for yourself outside of being a mom.

I’ve written a blog post about this (HERE), but you as a mom need time outside of motherhood. You need time to explore your hobbies, hang with your friends, and be out of the house without a child. It’s crucial for your mental health which directly impacts how you parent and the type of mother you are. Getting a shower by yourself or 5 minutes of reading at night does not count. Actually leave the house and do something you enjoy. Sometimes women lose themselves in motherhood because they put their everything into their kids and forget to take care of themselves. That is not healthy. It takes intention to prioritize YOU, but it is crucial for the health of you, your marriage, and your family as a whole.

Set out family outfits before you go to sleep.

Before the kids go to sleep, I pick out what they’re going to wear the next day and put their outfits downstairs so after breakfast, they can be changed without a thought put into it. I also set out my own outfit so I don’t need to use my time in the morning staring at my clothes rack deciding what to wear. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but trust me, those few minutes could really change the trajectory of your morning if you’re running late or it’s been a stressful morning.

What things do you do that ultimately make your day run smoother?

Tia Marie

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