as i am writing this, i am 23 weeks pregnant- which is kind of insane! thought it could be helpful to document all the things i’ve felt during these first 23 weeks because you truly don’t know what it is like to be pregnant until you are (crazy i know haha).

the very first symptoms you feel are typically very similar to pms symptoms, so it can be hard to distinguish between the two at first. but, this usually includes breast pain, bloating, and fatigue. but let me tell you, the level of exhaustion and fatigue that i felt during the entire first trimester was unreal! i normally do like to get to bed at a decent time and value my rest, but there were many nights where i was falling asleep on the couch at 6:30pm. i felt so lazy! like all i wanted to do after work was sleep. but, that does go away thankfully!

sorry in advance to all the guys reading this (maybe not the post for you unless you’re wanting to empathize with your wife), but nipple pain super early on is a very real thing. like to the touch! and the coloration changes too! i also experienced a lot more cervical mucus.

thankfully, i never felt nauseous, but your taste buds do change. there was a short period of time where all meat just made me feel weird smelling it. i could eat it just fine but smelling certain foods just made me feel off. i have not had a ton of cravings but there are definitely times that all i want are crackers or something salty. this kind of comes in waves, but man certain foods just taste so good.

so far in my pregnancy, i have not had the beautiful skin every woman talks about. hopefully you’re more lucky, but my skin clarity went down the drain and still isn’t looking super good. praying this changes as i finish out these last 3 months.

also, something i had never heard of was that your bowels can change!! some women experience more constipation while others go the other way. and mine was the latter. . . i had about 2 weeks where i was running to the bathroom multiple times a day with diarrhea. i found out it was a slight lactose intolerance, but after a couple weeks it seemed to get better!

i’ve also been a bit more moody. i even cried inside target with trevor one day because i was so hungry & didn’t know what to eat so i began to cry. there was also a week that went by where i was crying really easily over pregnancy-related videos.

it really is true that symptoms come and go so quickly.

every woman’s symptoms differ and each pregnancies symptoms differ too, but this has been my experience thus far.

tia marie

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