my friend, kathryn, is an amazing photographer, and she has photographed all the special moments in our family’s life- baby announcement, maternity, newborn, and now family photos. and yet again, they did not disappoint. check out her page to book her for your future photo needs.

i wanted to share just a handful of the photos she took of our family earlier this month and some behind the scenes on how we got them, outfit decisions, etc.

the vibe of our shoot was neutral, fall tones. hudson ties in colors from both my husband and i & all the colors blend nicely with the leaves. also, baby toys can do a decent job of getting the dog’s attention, as well as a baby’s too; although, it didn’t work this time for maple.

there was a beautiful lake at the park we took photos at. kat had one of hud’s favorite toys she was waving at him for him to be looking straight at the camera with a smile. some photos we took his hat off for, but it was pretty crisp out, so we would only take it off momentarily.

this is a nice pose to flow right out of the previous one, since it’s the same position just with trevor and i in the shot. we didn’t get a smile out of him this time, but the kissing on the cheek is a super cute way to all get close & your baby’s reaction is always fun to see as well.

sometimes a funny pic is necessary haha. trevor decided it would be fun to hold maple like a baby before she went in the car for the remainder of the shoot. maple was not a fan, but this is one of my husband’s favorite photos because it makes him chuckle every time.

to get that smile from hudson, i was acting like a fool next to kathryn, but it was a success!! the pics of trevor and hudson turned out stinkin adorable!

I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS PICTURE! but, it was much harder to take. trevor was taking our dog to the car, so he was not there to try and get him to smile. so, i was tickling him, making noises, etc., and it worked!

squishing together is a great photo op when you have a baby. they enjoy the touch from both their parents, and it tends to be easier to get a smile too.

now, you might be thinking, where is hudson while you’re doing couple shots?! well, kat is holding him on her hip and snapping photos with the other hand. sometimes you must get creative.

we ended the session with trevor throwing Hudson up in the air, and he had the best time! seeing his expressions in the air is so precious.

i wish i could share all our pics because I’m ecstatic over them all, but kathryn is amazing & we just received our Christmas cards today with all pics from this shoot. cannot wait to send them out to family in the next week or two!

tia marie

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