i’m so excited to have a baby to have an easter basket for. i don’t think we’ll do the whole easter bunny thing when he’s old enough to understand, but i love doing easter baskets. i have so many fond memories growing up searching the house for my basket and opening it up easter morning to find so many special, thoughtful goodies from my parents.

since my ten-month-old won’t understand, i definitely wanted to limit his basket this year and find good deals on things he could actually use. i’ll add costs to each item & everything is from target so feel free to go browse if you’re interested in any of these items!

BOOK- i debated getting an easter themed book, but i decided it would be better to get a book that hud can read all year around. someone gifted us the jimmy fallon ‘mama’ book when i was pregnant, so I got him the ‘dada’ book.


SHIRTS- i had to get a couple summer/spring outfits. i got a matching tank top with his nephew and then an additional fun, dinosaur buttoned polo.

$4, $10

TOYS- i checked out the dollar section and scored big time on some spring themed toys for my son. i found a pack of six, wooden eggs for him to play with (they also had plain ones). then i also found a pack of felt vegetables and then a pack of felt, white carrots. i love these toys for sensory activities for my baby that are easter themed and also cost effective.

$3, $3, $3

BASKET- i was going to go thrift a more typical looking easter basket, but i decided to get a gray basket that will match his room better when we move next month so we can use it again.


i’d love to hear about the ideas you have for your baby’s easter baskets!

tia marie

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    Thank you for sharing!

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