my family moved into our first house on may 2 of this year and we found out we were expecting a girl a few weeks prior. and conveniently so, the previous owners had twin girls living in the cutest room with hand-painted rainbows on the wall, so we decided to keep the room the way it was!

since we moved in 3 months before baby girl was due, her room was not first priority to complete, so sadly, her room just kind of became the place for things we didn’t have a place for yet, including many of my husband’s clothes, a handful of plants, and extra diaper boxes.

it’s crazy to see how far it’s come in such a short time. i love the shelves they already had hung up; we were able to keep those in place and not have to hang a ton up!



there were a few things we could re-use for this baby, which is awesome! one of those things was a white shelf. we had plenty of these around our old apartment and loved having one in our son’s nursery. now, baby girl can have one in her room as well. decided to use hers more as storage- burp cloths, books, swaddles, shoes, nursing covers, blankets, etc. where as his is laid the long way and has his books and montessori toys.

another thing is the changing basket. my son grew out of this basket eventually and we got him the hatch changing table/pad, but this basket was so cute to use early on and it made for convenient diaper changes while not having to have an entire changing station apart from the dresser. very highly recommend.

baby girl has the same rocker as my son’s nursery had. he was never super into rocking and he’s at that age where he doesn’t really need to be rocked much, so when we moved, we moved it from his room to her nursery! rockers can be super expensive so this was perfect!

we also are using my son’s crib mobile in my daughter’s room! i don’t feel like it was ever really a necessity for him, but we had one & it’s adorable, so we might as well get more use out of it for a second baby!

the swing!!! i’m absolutely obsessed with this. we got it as a gift for my son’s nursery and ended up not hanging it up since we were in an apartment and didn’t want to damage anything that could potentially lead to large charges to fix. i’m so glad it can be used now & it fits her nursery theme perfectly.

the last things we’re reusing in her nursery are more practical things- leftover diapers he grew out of before using, clothes, some shoes, snuggle me, etc.


early on, i spent time daily on facebook marketplace looking for things we could use for her nursery to save some money. and one of those things we ended up buying used from someone is a crib! it was originally an ikea crib but they changed out the knobs and stained it; i love what they did to customize it!

something for her nursery that we have not purchased yet but will be looking for (used if possible), is a baby monitor- but just the camera part. i’ve seen people sell just the camera part and our monitor is able to add another camera. since she won’t be sleeping in there right away, it’s not a priority right now, but we’ll be buying one shortly & hopefully we can find used.

i found pretty much all her clothes (besides the ones gifted to us) used at once upon a child. they have soooo many adorable clothes for good prices! it’s the perfect place to shop to find good deals for something like clothes that they grow out of so quickly.


we had some generous family members who helped us out and gifted us some of these new items for baby girl. one of those being the crib and crib mattress. i did spend a lot of time looking on fb marketplace for cribs but that’s something i’m a little more choosy of because they’ll be in it so much. i want it to be convertible to a toddler bed, no bite marks, all pieces there, good price, etc. after not finding one that would work for us, we decided to get new. and as for a crib mattress, i didn’t want to go used on something as crucial as a mattress.

we’ve loved our diaper genie for my son, and since they’re only going to be 14 months apart, he’s still in diapers, using his. so, we got her one as well.

another thing we got new for baby girl were crib sheets. again, with my son’s age, he still uses crib sheets. and i only have two total for him (and they’re more boyish), so it was a necessity to get a couple for her.

i bought just a couple of decor items new but most we already had somewhere around the house. but, i did buy the wooden accordion rack and the two 8X10 white frames new off amazon.

the sound machine. i love this sound machine so much! my son will use his for many more years, so we had to get one for baby girl as well.


p.s. her name was just announced at the time of birth, so i’m writing this before she’s born but making sure i don’t spoil it before then with all the name things around her room. 🙂

tia marie

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