I live in Minnesota, so I get my fair share of cold weather and snow. Which means, I have to be prepared to dress warm not only for a month or two but for 4+ months of the year. Here are some things I’ve found to be helpful to have in a winter wardrobe. I’ll try to link some pieces but probably won’t be able to find things exactly like I have but I’ll do my best.

Puffy Vest

Years ago I had a North Face white vest that I loved, but I grew out of it as I got older. But, just this year, I got a new vest from a boutique in Wisconsin & I’m obsessed with it. I wear it multiple times per week. It adds a layer of warmth and looks super cute. Wearing this with a sweater or sweatshirt underneath is the perfect outfit. Mine is long too which makes me feel even warmer.


Now, I mean cute boots not winter boots (obviously you need winter boots if you live in Minnesota). A couple years ago, I found some black boots at Marshalls and I’ve been wearing them so much over the last few weeks. They can make a more casual outfit seem a little more put together/dressed up if needed.


I love a good beanie. My husband and I wear beanies a lot in the winter. The brands we love the best are Vans & Carhartt. Beanies serve a double purpose by adding warmth and being cute with an outfit! Especially if you’re having a not so great hair day haha.

High Socks

I love pairing some high socks with boots to add more depth to your feet/legs or with some tennis shoes for more of a sporty look. I love Nike or Vans socks.

Thick Sweaters/Sweatshirts

Sweaters & sweatshirts are a must! I personally love more oversized sweaters/sweatshirts . If you buy more neutral colored ones, then you can match with more and layer a lot easier as well.


I’m a leggings girl through and through. I wear leggings probably 5x/week typically. Leggings don’t have to look messy or lazy. You can actually dress them up quite a bit. I’m only 4 months postpartum, so they’ve been super helpful during this season as well. I personally love the Lu Lu Lemon leggings. Yes- they’re pretty spendy, but I have pairs I’ve owned for over 5 years, so you definitely get your money’s worth.

Personally, I love dressing for cooler weather because there are so many things you can do to layer up and dress cute.

Tia Marie

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