Now that we are a couple weeks into 2023, the planning for the year is in full swing. Events get planned quickly and you need a way to remember certain dates. I was looking on Amazon for some good planners and thought I’d share some that I came across & why I think it’d be a good pick if you’re looking for one for the new year.

2023 Eccolo Large Agenda Planner

I like that this one goes by month and by week. Each week you have a spot for notes & a to-do list. I always have a running to do list in the notes folder on my phone so this is a great thing for a planner to have! There is also a lot of notes pages for just anything. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns too.

2023 Planner

I like that this one has the ribbon to keep you on the right page and keep your place. I also like how this one isn’t too small or too big. It seems classy & high quality. Also, it has 14 months in it, so it gives you a couple months of a buffer to find a new planner in the coming year.

Blue Sky 2023 Weekly and Monthly Planner

This planner is bound so if you like that style, this one is super cute! I like how there are pages for you to write notes, goals for the year, important dates, & contacts. If you like one “book” to be able to have multiple purposes, then this might be a good option for you.

Bloom Daily Planner

This planner has a lot of cool features. It comes with stickers to add to your days/weeks/months to add more of a personalized touch for those people who remember things visually. It also has spots to write things like a list of what makes you happy, why you love yourself, your goals, a spot to track your bills & spending, etc. This could be way more than just a planner if that’s what interests you.

2023 Planner

If you’re just looking for something basic, then this one is for you. It’s smaller so it’s easier to bring with places. It’s also leather-bound and seems to be great quality. Nothing fancy but has all the basics with ample amount of writing spots.

Are you a planner user? If so, do you prefer using your phone or a physical planner?

Tia Marie

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